Animal abuse, torture and aggravated animal cruelty is an ongoing issue worldwide especially when they get no protection and justice. Kinny Redmon, during anger against a former boyfriend, put a young, defenseless three-month-old puppy in a hot oven until it was no longer alive, and felt no remorse for her actions. Despite her confession, the court case resulted inthe woman being acquitted.

Animal abuse & torture court case of Kinny Redmon

Kinny Redmon, a woman from Champaign, Illinois, went to court with charges of animal abuse, torture and aggravated cruelty of an animal for placing her former boyfriend’s three-month-old Pitbull puppy in his oven and baking it to death.

The jury took only two hours to come to a verdict. State’s Attorney Scott Larson asked them to keep in mind Ms. Redmon’s statement when deliberating. She admitted that she put the dog in the oven to bake it when speaking to her good friend on the phone. After being alerted that the call was being recorded, the woman then added that the papers state the dog was baked as a way to cover herself. There is no covering up the fact that she put a young, defenseless puppy in a hot oven and baked it to its death.The defense is that her admission should not hold up in court because it was clearly a private call between friends.

Animal abuse case on Ms. Redmon’s behalf.

Aside from her private conversation with a friend, the defense is that there was no proof that Kinny Redmon was in her former boyfriend’s house and baked the puppy.

The woman said in court that she believed the former boyfriend, Dimarrio Zander did the crime himself and attempted to frame her for killing the animal as a ploy to get custody of their 15-month old daughter. Ms. Redmon was never asked on the witness stand if she did the crime. When Zander came home early in the morning, he found his puppy, Malik dead in the oven.

He found the puppy when Redmon called him to tell him to remove the pup from the oven. Despite all the evidence and testimony, Ms. Kinny Redmon was acquitted of animal abuse and torture. She was set free, and Malik received no just justice after losing his life at a such a young age.