The Carl Vinson strike group of the U.S. Navy was spotted on Monday night approaching North Korea. The group was initially headed for Australia but was ordered on Sunday to instead head for waters near Pyongyang.

Ready for war?

Following the naval vessel’s change in direction, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry warned that the deployment of the strike group could result in catastrophic consequences. The spokesman said the strike group’s reckless move of invading the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has reached a serious phase.

If the U.S.

would opt for military action, the DPRK is ready to respond to any mode of war that Washington desires. The communist nation is ready for war, the spokesman said, New York Daily News reported.

North Korea test-fired again ballistic missiles last week directed at the Sea of Japan. However, the regime justified the test as well as its nuclear weapons program because of an alleged plan by the U.S. to attack North Korea.

Looking for trouble

U.S. President Donald Trump, a day after he ordered a change in the strike group’s direction, tweeted that if Pyongyang is looking for trouble, the U.S. would “solve the problem.” In another tweet, the president said that he explained to Chinese President Xi Jinping it would be better if Beijing could solve the North Korean problem.

Trump dangled before the Chinese president offers of exchanging trade concessions for support from Beijing to pressure North Korea. Although China has “its own deepening frustration with Kim Jong-un, China is still not willing to tighten its grip on its ally, The New York Times observed. In turn, China proposed a 100-day plan in a meeting to overhaul trade relationship with Washington.

A new report stated that among the options presented by the National Security Council to Trump of how to deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is to assassinate the dictator whom U.S. Senator John McCain called previously the crazy fat kid. Another option is for Washington to place U.S. nuclear weapons in South Korea which has intensified collaboration with the United States.

The NSC developed the two scenarios before Trump met with Xi

The Pentagon said on Saturday that it redirected the Carl Vinson group to the Korean region to establish a stronger physical presence in the region, but American officials denied that the U.S. has plans to launch a nuclear attack on North Korea.