The #North Korean Vice-Foreign Minister, Han Song-ryol, said that its nuclear weapons program protects the country from the hovering peril of US armed action on Sunday.

The country, according to reports in the BBC, fears that the combined forces of the US and #South Korea could work together to try and overthrow the command of Kim Jong-un.

What the North Koreans say

On Monday at the #United Nations, the country's permanent representative Ambassador Kim In-ryong, denounced the Syrian missile strikes enacted by the United States and President Trump that had hit an air base that was harboring suspected chemical weapons in the northern Syrian province.

Meanwhile, Song-ryol said that #America was "disturbing global peace and stability and insisting on the gangster-like logic that its invasion of a sovereign state is decisive" and that this action is one that defends the international order just for the sake of it.

This was announced just as the Chinese representative Lu Kang revealed to the media on Monday in Beijing that the Korean peninsula was a complicated, delicate and high risk area and issue. All sides, Lu Kang said, needed to avoid being provocative and pouring "oil on the fire".

#Russia meanwhile said that it would not tolerate nuclear testing by Pyongang but that conversely the unilateral usage of power by America would be a risky equation.