The President of The United States, Donald Trump, has said in recent weeks that the #North Koreans will not be able to target the United States with a nuclear war head placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile, that he would not let that happen.

In light of recent events, President Trump has increased pressure on the isolated North Korea and sent a #navy strike group in the direction of the Korean Peninsula. This, as South Korea progresses forward with their own #controversial missile defense system.

A sixth strike will happen

Many officials and observers claim that the #North Koreans will in fact carry out a sixth nuclear test in the coming year, and that the US will need to perfect their response to this troubling development.

On Monday in South Korea, #US Vice-President Mike Pence said that the isolated country shouldn’t try and test Trump's resolve, since he is a strong man and has shown his decisiveness by striking Syria and Afghanistan with swift bombs in the recent weeks.

Pence continued by saying that the American policy of "#strategic patience" with North Korea was no longer a strategy in use for the Trump administration, and he reaffirmed the United States US support for South Korea.