Michelle and Barack Obama's latest vacation on a South Pacific island had the islanders going wild over them. This was not an English-speaking territory, so many of the reports coming from that that area of the world have some of the words rather mixed up.

'Sympathetic couple'

According to the translated version of Bunte News, Michelle and Barack Obama were a "sympathetic couple" after handing over the helm of the nation to Barack's successor, Donald Trump. They report it was mid-March when the former president first showed up at a resort on the Atol Teitaroa.

Barack did anything by lay low, as he "was seen on board a yacht or "bathing" again and again on board." While in the English language this could mean that the former president was especially interested in his grooming habits by bathing constantly on board this yacht, chances are they meant sun-bathing.

Michelle Obama in a 'bikini'

While the former president was seen often, the former first lady, Michelle Obama, was nowhere in sight for quite some time. Then she suddenly emerged wearing a "bikini" on a paddleboard in the bay of the island.

Wow, Michelle in a "bikini," that is surely the first time Michelle was able to let her hair down to the point of wearing a "bikini" in public. But wait... the pictures of Michelle in that "bikini" show the first lady on a paddleboard wearing some type of bathing suit, but she had a life-vest over it.

So, it is not as if Michelle was strutting the beach in a tiny bathing suit. She could be wearing a one-piece suit under that life-vest -- you can't tell.

Lost in translation?

You couldn't tell if Michelle was in a "bikini" or a regular bathing suit. It could just be that this was also Lost in Translation. They may consider a bikini the name for a bathing suit and that very well could have gotten lost in translation.

According to CoCo Wonder Blog, the picture below is the one that is reported to have Michelle Obama in a bikini.

The news media site Lapatilla reports in their headline, "OMG - Michelle Obama's back in bikini photo." They might mean, "back in a bathing suit," again, that bikini could be the product of getting lost in the translation.

Lapitilla reports the Obamas are vacationing in "French Polynesia."

Barack is there to write his autobiography and he is staying at Brando, which is an exclusive resort on Tetiaora, a "private island of Marlon Brando." Michelle joined him there last week, according to the reports coming from the local news media and translated via Google.

Bikini or bathing suit?

Most of the reports written in English have the couple having the time of their lives while on vacation. It could be that the locals are making a big deal out of Michelle Obama in a bathing suit (a.k.a. "bikini") because as the first lady for the last eight years, you didn't get to see Michelle Obama in anything other than professional looking clothes. Now that she is a private citizen, she doesn't need to worry about following the mode of dress expected of a first lady!