Melania Trump came to Washington D.C. without any previous experience under her belt when it comes to being the wife of a politician. Typically by the time someone becomes the first lady, they have been the wife of a governor, senator, congressman or even a mayor, but that wasn't the case for Melania. She had no idea what life in politics would entail.

Cruel welcoming

Melania was totally unaware what was in store for her, and sadly, people weren't very welcoming. Some even took aim at Melania with disparaging words for the nation's new first lady, not to mention the lies spun about her previous life.

Beat them at their own game

Yahoo News asks Why is the first lady is hiding herself away? Maybe the question should be - why would she make herself accessible to the public if she's going to be a target for constant nasty comments? Melania isn't going to fight this kind of fire with fire. She is not going to get into a sparring session with the likes of people like Rosie O'Donnel, who is now advocating for Melania to flee her marriage.

The nation's new first lady is not going to give them the attention they are desperately seeking and embark on a mud-slinging social media event. No, she subtly backs away and "poof" she's gone and on to the business that's important to her - bringing up Barron.

Her elegance and class won't allow her to lower herself to a level of throwing insults even when they are thrown at her.

Elusive Butterfly

When Melania needs to be present in her role as the first lady, she's there, and she gives it her all. But when she doesn't have to be, like when she's at home in New York City with Barron - Melania is like an Elusive Butterfly.

According to Yahoo, Melania has become so reclusive that even the paparazzi have given up following her for that money shot.

There were two spots that the photographers staked out waiting for a glimpse of Melania and they would be there day in and day out. Today those spots are void of cameras.

Stakeouts are done

The first location that was a favorite stake out to catch a glimpse of Melania was Trump Tower, where Melania lives with Barron in her gilded home above the clouds.

If Melania does go out, the route she takes through the building at out a door has baffled the paparazzi because they just don't see her.

The second place where the cameras waited daily for a glimpse of the first lady was at Barron's school. Melania would accompany Barron to and from school, so that left a few moments of the possible photo opportunity, but the Secret Service now drive Barron back and forth to school.

Stumps those holding cameras

This has caused even the most veteran members of the paparazzi to give up on trying to get a snapshot of the first lady. One veteran photographer said that when it comes to getting that picture of a celebrity, he doesn't miss, but Melania has stumped him.

The photographers will no longer wait outside Trump Tower or outside Barron's school for a snapshot they will never get. It looks like Melania Trump, the woman with very little experience being part of a political family has beaten them at their own game. She has done what many in politics wished they could have done years ago.

She's not there!

Melania has more than herself in mind when staying reclusive; she is also protecting her son, Barron. Her son is only 11-years-old, and he has already been raked over the coals in reports and remarks from the media. While Melania may be elusive, at the same time she is showing she has the strength to control where and how the media will see her. That's not an easy task, but so far she's been very successful at it.