A Jackson, Mississippi couple is re-evaluating their relationship after a shocking discovery recently. The couple was struggling to conceive a child, and after attending a fertility clinic for Dna Testing – required prior to having a child by in vitro fertilization – they found out a horrifying truth. Not only did they discover that they are brother and sister, it also turns out they are biological twins.

Couple attends IVF clinic for DNA testing

While their names are being kept confidential, a doctor at the IVF center they attended in Jackson told their story to the Mississippi Herald.

He said the DNA test was purely routine and they wouldn’t normally check to find if there was a relationship between the two samples. However, in this particular case, the lab assistant was reportedly shocked by the similarity between the two profiles. Initially it was thought that the man and woman were first cousins, but then the lab assistant noticed just how close the DNA match was between the couple. On looking further into the couple’s history, it was found that they were both born in 1984 and shared the same birthday. According to the doctor, the only conclusion they could reach was that the man and woman were biological twins. However, neither of them were aware of this fact.

Doctor tells Mississippi couple they are twins

According to a report by Fox News, the doctor called the couple in for an appointment, hoping to break the news to them gently. He asked them if they knew they were twins. Apparently both of them laughed. According to the doctor, the man told him many people had remarked that they both shared the same birthday.

They also said the couple looked similar to each other, but they had always believed it was a coincidence and that they couldn’t possibly be related. It turns out they are.

On further investigation of the man and woman’s histories, it was found that their biological parents had died in a car crash. Both children were then adopted by different families.

Both children were institutionalized at the time and because of a filing error, neither family knew their adopted child had a twin.

According to the doctor, the man and woman met in college and were probably attracted to each other because of their similarities. Having both been adopted after the death of their parents meant they led a similar childhood and felt connected to each other. However, if only the truth had been known earlier, a lot of pain could have been saved later in life.

It is a very difficult situation for the couple, as marriage between siblings is illegal in Mississippi and can result in ten years behind bars. Since finding out the results of the DNA testing, they are going to have to think very seriously about how they proceed in life.