One couple from the Jackson, Mississippi area is struggling through a double-whammy of devastating news. First, they are forced to deal with the inability to conceive only to later learn they are fraternal twins. The unnamed couple recently underwent treatment to help them have a baby, where doctors at the fertility lab soon noticed abnormal similarities in their DNA. Initially, lab technicians believed the two were unwitting cousins, but had to rule that out due to the DNA being too similar. When the doctor confronted the pair, asking if they were related, the husband and wife burst out laughing.

The husband assured the doctor they were definitely not related.

Laughter turned to complete shock once the doctor conveyed his findings. The wife pleaded with him to admit it was a joke. Sadly, it was not and the doctor added that he wished it were a joke but they needed to know the truth. One doctor at the clinic told the Mississippi Herald that normally they do not check for relationships, but the DNA similarities in their samples were too profound. The two were not unwitting cousins, but sister and brother.

How a childhood tragedy became even more tragic in adulthood

The married couple met in college and friends often pointed out how they looked like each other, but the husband viewed it as a funny coincidence.

The two bonded because of their similarities. They both shared the same birthday and both were adopted. As it turns out, their parents died in a car crash when they were infants. With no family members coming forth willing to take them in, the two were adopted by separate families when they were babies. Due to a filing error, neither family was aware that their adopted child had a twin.

A tremendous amount of healing in order

Marriage between siblings is prohibited in the state of Mississippi and is subject to a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a maximum fine of $500. More than likely the devastated couple will not face any charges due to their unique circumstance. Reportedly, they are said to be re-evaluating their future together.

Oftentimes, health issues can lead to certain revelations. It can lead to a necessary search for biological parents or raise awareness in terms of what could result in hereditary ailments, but no one can prepare for something like this. Hopefully the couple will find the counseling and healing needed to overcome their problems as best they can.