McCain Foods has issued a recall of their hash browns. This recall may be one of the strangest in recent history. The food manufacturer recalls their hash browns because there might be Golf Balls in them.

The two-pound bags of southern-style from Roundy's, UPC 001115055019, and from Harris Teeter, UPC 007203649020. The Roundy's hash browns were sent to different stores in Illinois and also in Wisconsin. The retailers who were sent the golf ball-laden include Mariano's, Pick N Save, and Metro Market. The Harris Teeter hash browns were distributed in Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

“This one is priceless,” Claire White, a grandmother from Oklahoma, stated in a recent interview. “I've lived a long time, and I've heard about a lot of food recalls. Never for golf balls. I didn't think I'd live long enough for there to be golf balls in hash browns, but I guess I did.”

Reasons not to eat golf balls in hash browns

Although the reasons for not eating golf balls may seem obvious, McCain Foods have shared specific reasons for their recall of their food. The company stated the golf ball pieces in the hash browns could be a choking hazard. The company also said the bits of golf balls could cause injuries inside the mouth.

“With everyone allergic to everything these days, I'm surprised [McCain Foods] didn't say anything about possible allergic reactions,” White joked.

“I hope, I truly hope, no one gets hurt, but it is still funny – golf balls in hash browns.”

Other recent recalls

Recalls happen quite frequently. Strange things are found in food that should not be there rather often. In March, OK Food recalled almost a million pounds of chicken. The chicken was recalled because of the possibility it contained metal.

No other details were given as to they type of metal or how it had gotten in the chicken. Campbell's Soup is currently recalling some of their soups. There aren't any sports equipment or metal in the soups. Campbell's Soup only mislabeled the cans.

At the time of publication, it was unknown how the golf balls found themselves in the hash browns.

McCain Foods doesn't appear to be wanting to share that information so it may remain a culinary mystery. How do you think the golf balls ended up in the hash browns? Please feel free to sound off in the comment section below. We'd love to know what you think.