The view over the Trump campaign's connections to Russian officials appeared to be pretty clear since suspicions and news reports began to circulate last year. Since then, we've seen a variety of incidents play out with the administration that has only frustrated some lawmakers and those who are looking for an indictment.

At the very least in social media, many promises have been made by people who claim to be privy to this information that arrests were coming soon but all the public is getting are more details from officials that just keep the story going.

Blasting News recently reported on a dossier that keeps coming back up and with it, the chance that it adds some credibility to these developments but might end up providing more ammunition to the trump administration that they can use to discredit the investigation against them.

Russians using Carter Page to infiltrate Trump team?

CNN recently reported that it looked like Russian officials had tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign by influencing aides such as Carter Page. Page has been frequently targeted by the Trump's opposition such as former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid who demanded the FBI investigate page, after reading the dossier.

Earlier this year, Carter Page denied meeting Russian officials at first before he changed his story and then played with the language of what the word "meet" actually meant.

Nonetheless, the report by CNN said that intelligence officials threw doubt into the mix as to whether Page even knew he was being used to penetrate the Trump campaign or not and that he could have unknowingly been speaking with Russian agents.

Page's response to this is that in the 26-years that he's been going to Russia, he's seen the equivalent of Russians going to their own government with information as he has done in the U.S, going to the CIA.

Mr. Page also denies that he knew a man who turned out to be a Russian spy named Victor Podobnyy in New York back in 2013, which the CNN report pointed to. The FBI apparently became concerned that Carter Page had been compromised by Russian intelligence when he made an anti-American speech in Russia last year. It's this speech that Page denied there was a connection, also denying that he had been paid for the speech and that he actually had not been paid for it at all.

Cloud of denials

As stated in the Blasting News article referred to earlier, Page also denied that he played as large a role as the Trump campaign had indicated last year.

The CNN article said that at the time the Trump campaign was under pressure to name national security advisors last year and that Sam Clovis, who was the co-chairman for the campaign, produced a list to which he added Page because he had a Ph.D. next to his name.

When naming those advisers, Trump did say the name, Carter Page. Clovis said that Trump had never met Page and that even Page that he ranked very low in the campaign. While early documents show him ranking higher, this would eventually be changed.

In a letter to the House Intelligence Committee, Carter Page said that he did attend events over the years and campaign meetings on the fifth floor, which former campaign officials deny, saying that they stopped using the fifth floor back in July.