The Chinese Dog Meat trade is still under considerable scrutiny while many animal advocates continue to work diligently to save dogs from a death sentence. Dogs raised for this purpose are often stolen from their families or just taken from the streets. They spend the remainder of their days in cramped, filthy wire cages in severe weather conditions, without any food or water, until they are slaughtered in horrific ways for their meat. One lucky puppy named Pang Pang (pronounced at Ping-Ping) came to the cruel flesh market in China after his mom was sold to the dog meat trade.

American Greyhound organization speaks out for Pang Pang

In a continuing effort to save dogs from slaughter and death at the Chinese dog meat markets, an organization known as the American Greyhound stepped in to save a helpless Greyhound puppy. Pang Pang the Greyhound was transported from Beijing to Kosciusko County and on to the United States. The foster coordinator of the American Greyhound organization, Stephanie Jones put together the efforts to save Pang Pang and brought him over to a shelter in Warsaw, Indiana until he gets the chance at finding a loving family and forever home. It appears that this little guy is only the second Greyhound to be saved from the dog meat trade and brought to the United States.

The other lucky one was Hui Hui who found shelter and a home in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Organization Duo Duo works to end China dog meat trade

The International Humane Society states that anywhere from 10 to 20 million dogs are slaughtered annually for the purpose of human consumption in China.

Other countries known to eat dog meat are Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, and India. Luckily, Pang Pang escaped these statistics by getting on a flight headed to the United States, but many other dogs do not. The strange fact is that China and others actually do not want to eat dog meat. IHS states that about 70 percent of these people never tried dog meat.

As Ms. Jones commented to the ABC news that she feels dogs are pets used as companion animals for people. No one is meant to eat a companion because it goes against nature. These animals deserve a better outcome in life in loving homes. She is hopeful that Pang Pang’s story will inspire others to find homes for unwanted pups. Although he is in a shelter in Warsaw, Indiana, this adorable rescued Greyhound is now adopted and headed to his loving forever home in Wisconsin in June.