North Korea tried to implement a new missile launch near SINP on the east coast, but it is believed that the attempt failed, it was reported by the South Korean military sources.

An attempt to launch the rocket took place a day after the military parade held in Pyongyang, marking the birthday of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, and on which apparently, ballistic missiles were shown.

Growing tensions in the region

From the same region, a ballistic missile was launched earlier this month. The launching happened ahead of the meeting of the United States and China, a key North Korean ally, and the main topic of the meeting was supposed to be the North Korea's intensively arming.

The tension in the region has escalated, and there is increasing concern that North Korea may soon implement the sixth nuclear test or test a ballistic missile.

The White House announced that US President Donald Trump warned North Korea on the possibility of US military action against them. US President ordered the naval fleet to travel towards the region, to demonstrate the power, and his office has announced the possibility of introducing more stringent economic sanctions for "northerners." North Korea responded and threatened with a possible nuclear attack on the United States.

Mike Pence arrived in South Korea

US Vice President Mike Pence arrived in South Korea at the start of his Asia-Pacific tour, during which he will visit four countries in an effort to confirm the alliance with them.

Pence arrived in Seoul shortly after Pyongyang tried to launch an unidentified projectile from the port city Sinpo who "blew up almost immediately," US command in the Pacific Ocean said. Pense is notified of unsuccessful firing, CNN reported citing government officials.

North Korea marked the 105th birthday of the late founder state and "eternal president" Kim Il Sung large military parade in the capital Pyongyang on Saturday at the height of concerns that it could carry out a new nuclear test.

The senior US official on the eve of Pence's visit to South Korea told reporters that the military option "is being estimated" in the midst of the growing threat of North Korea. President Donald Trump was informed of North Korea's unsuccessful firing missiles, said Defense Minister Jim Mattis.

"The president and his military team were informed of North Korea's unsuccessful firing missiles," he said, adding that "the president has no comment." US official traveling with Pence told Reuters that testing a medium-range missile is not a surprise to the United States.

"We had good intelligence information before the launch and good data after the launch," the unnamed official said, adding that it was a failed test, which followed an earlier unsuccessful testing. "We do not have to waste our strength because of that." The official said the North Korean missiles were in the air only four to five seconds.