US President Donald Trump accepted an invitation for an official visit to China which he received through his counterpart Xi Jinping at the first summit of the two leaders, said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. trump said that the meeting will occur "at some later date."

Trump and Xi had open discussions and the atmosphere was positive, said Tillerson regarding two-day summit of the US President and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Florida. The US president expressed his serious concern over China's industrial and agricultural policies as well as policies in the areas of cybernetics, reflecting on jobs in the United States, and "stressed the need for China to take concrete steps to help American workers come into an equal position and reiterated that require reciprocal market access," said Tillerson.

Tillerson said that Trump also pointed out the concerns of the United States because of China's activities in the South China Sea.

Agreement regarding North Korea

The two presidents have agreed to improve the level of existing bilateral talks to achieve progress on these issues, said Tillerson, adding that they set up a new framework of high-level negotiations. The comprehensive dialogue of China and the United States will be monitored by the two presidents and will have four pillars; diplomatic and security dialogue, dialogue on Justice and a comprehensive economic dialogue about social and cultural issues.

President Trump accepted the invitation of President Xia for a state visit to China in the future.

They agreed to cooperate in the meantime to ensure a successful visit focused on results. Tillerson said that Trump and Xi shared the view that progress of North Korea's nuclear program has reached a serious level and they both agreed to increase cooperation to convince North Korea to limit the program.

An understandable response

"We are prepared to act alone if China is unable to cooperate with us against Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, which violates international law," published Tillerson at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump received a Chinese colleague. Regarding the US attack on the air base in Syria on Thursday, Tillerson said that Xi, after Trump directly informed him about the attack in Syria and explained the reasons for the act, "understands the response of the United States on Syrian chemical attacks due to the death of children." Tillerson said that the runway in the Syrian Air Force Base was not the target of attacks and that he is disappointed by the Russian response because it shows Russia's future support for the Assad regime, but he also said that this time, he is not surprised.