Earlier this week, the Department of Justice requested more time to evaluate a consent order that upgrades Baltimore’s police division. They are concerned how the overhaul would affect current protocols already set out for the police department by the newly-appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. On Monday, they asked for the additional 90 days shortly after Sessions mentioned that he was looking to change how things operate in police departments. The justice department gave several explanations as to why they asked for the postponement. One reason was that they received a notice from federal officials requesting an audit of any existing or future consent orders.

If the 90-day delay is approved, it will halt all procedures that are currently implemented by Baltimore police.

Conflicting issues

The department stated that it knew Baltimore required change to its law enforcement. However, they also mentioned that the town has already achieved reform on its own. As a result, the Justice Department thinks it might be best for the city to implement its own public safety and compliance with the law.

Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh and the city’s police department said delaying consent to enhance law enforcement would undermine the trust that the public has in the government. She told the press, "We need to advance. We need to work with our police office. We accept there are changes required." The Baltimore police have many scandalous controversies surrounding them.

Either way it goes, it is time for all of them to be dealt with and resolved.

Sessions' views

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has yet to commit to anything surrounding the new court order. He has stated that he finds it unfair to audit police reputations. At the same time, he also mentioned that the Baltimore police brought this upon themselves after being too aggressive in urban communities.

The attorney general said It is not the government’s obligation to oversee everything involving non-federal law enforcement.

This consent order for Baltimore police revision comes after the Justice Department revealed disturbing reports of racial profiling and unnecessary force initiated by the Baltimore Police Department. One of the reports included the graphic details of what happened to Freddie Gray.

Gray was detained by police and had his neck broken in the process. He died from injuries to his neck and spine. He got them while in the back of a police truck. His demise vaguely irritated the whole city and sparked many volatile reactions throughout the U.S.