Last night, President Donald Trump ordered the United States military to conduct their first attack on the Syrian Government in response to their use of chemical weapons. A barrage of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles got launched at Shayrat air base, southeast of Homs, which is believed to be where the chemical attack got launched from. Following this event, there have been numerous responses to the action President Trump had taken. This action drew immediate responses from Russia, Syria, and others.

Russia and Syria's government

Russia has supported the Assad government since the start of the Syrian Civil War and has had direct military involvement since September 2015.

Russia and Syria have been allies since the start of the Cold War and Russia has operated a military base in the country since 1971. So naturally, President Vladimir Putin condemned the attack as an act of aggression against a sovereign government. He also announced he would be suspending the agreement with America to avoid hostile incidents in Syrian airspace. Moscow also said it would help to strengthen Syria's ability to protect itself and accusing the U.S. of seeking regime change and threatening efforts to secure a peace deal. Naturally, Syria's Government and President Bashar al-Assad also condemned the attack, since they were the ones who got attacked.

Syrian rebels

Syrian rebel groups obviously welcomed news that the United States had bombed the airbase of the government they have fought against for over six years.

Mohamed Alloush, a key figure in the Army of Islam faction of rebels, said that hitting one airbase was not enough. He and other rebel groups have called for the U.S. become more involved in their fight against Assad in Syria.

The far-right

A chunk of the far-right were President Donald Trump's most vocal opponents following the attack on Syria, whereas they had been his most ardent supporters.

They accused him of breaking his campaign promise to keep America out a Middle Eastern conflict. Trump got attacked using his own words by far-right writers and bloggers as he had been critical in the past of launching an attack and doing so without approval from Congress. Some did praise Trump for taking quick military action in response to the horrific chemical attack.

The rest of the world

Iran, also an ally of Syria and President Assad, condemned the attack. China also opposed the use of force in international affairs, saying they prefer the matter in Syria to be resolved peacefully. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated that the situation in Syria following the attack, "amounts to international armed conflict." However, most of the world had a positive reaction to the strike on Syria. Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who support different Syrian rebel groups fighting Assad, welcomed the attack. United States allies like the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Spain, Italy and others all voiced support for the U.S. strike on Syria.