President’s daughter and counselor in the White House, Ivanka Trump went to Berlin on Tuesday to join an event motivated by the Economic Woman’s Empowerment.

Despite being together to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel who invited the daughter’s president, and the IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, Ivanka found herself in a straight jacket: she's got booed by the public and asked about her role in the American government. It is the first international trip of Ivanka (who’s a key person in the government’s decision) as a member of the government.

Ivanka and Merkel participated in a Panel Discussion which included 20 countries focused on the women’s empowerment. Soon, the first daughter has got an intimidating question about her interests in the government.

First daughter figure

The moderator first expressed that it isn’t common to have a first daughter figure in the scenario of the politics and she questioned if she worked in the name of the people of her country, of her father or to boost her business?

Ivanka replied that although the term first daughter is something new in the politics scenario, she is working hard in the name of her country and everything is new for her, she is continually learning. But the most remarkable moment came when Ivanka got her father’s side, she said she was proud of his government and that he was a big supporter of the American families as he contributed for them to thrive.

The encounter happened in a moment in which leaders of the international community try to figure the directions of the diplomacy guided by Donald Trumps government. Other notable people in the encounter that happened in Berlin, it was the Canadian chancellor, Chrystia Freeland, and the Queen of Netherlands, Maxima.

Defense of the politics that benefit women

Trump’s daughter has worked in defense of the policies that help women. When Angela Merkel visited Washington, in early 2017, she organized a discussion between the chancellor, her father and entrepreneurs from both nations to debate how can companies train women at work.

Ivanka completed by saying that women have an enormous contribution not only to the economy but for the families and the communities.

During her trip in Germany, Ivanka will visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, which reminds the six million Jews killed by the Nazis in the World War II. Ivanka was converted to Judaism in 2009, before getting married to her husband, Jared Kushner.