Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have been friends for a long time. During the presidential election, they both said they would not let the outcome ruin their friendship. However, it has been reported that they have not been in contact with each other since the election.

Chelsea told "Extra's" AJ Calloway that their friendship has nothing to do with politics. She said they were friends before the election, and they would be friends after the election. Ivanka said something similar when she was interviewed on "20/20" the night before her father's inauguration.

She told Deborah Roberts that she hasn't spoken to Chelsea recently, but she intends to do so in order for them to talk about the next chapter of their lives.

Parents used to be friends

During the campaign, President Donald Trump said on more than one occasion that he wished the two young women were not such good friends. That's because of the tension that might exist because of their parents who were running against each other. Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump were going head-to-head during a bitter election. Before they began running against each other, the Clintons and the Trumps were friends. That's how Chelsea and Ivanka first met. The parents never were as close as Chelsea and Ivanka, but President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump's wedding.

Two first daughters

The former first daughter and the current first daughter have a lot more in common than their fathers being Presidents of the United States. The women are about the same age. Ivanka, 35, still calls Chelsea, 36, a very good friend, and they have great respect for each other. They both have Jewish husbands who know each other and get along well.

Both women are young mothers. Ivanka has three children, and Chelsea has two children. Their last babies were born around the same time. Therefore, the friends were pregnant at the same time.

Ivanka and Chelsea were New Yorkers until just a few days ago when Ivanka and her family moved to Washington, DC. Her husband, Jared Kushner has taken an unpaid position as senior advisor to his father-in-law and has an office in the White House.

Now that the election is over and Ivanka has recently stepped down from her role as executive VP at the Trump Organization and as head of her fashion brand, perhaps she and Chelsea will have time to get together.