The president elect Donald trump accepted the investigative conclusion of the North American intelligence agencies which state that Russia has made virtual attacks aiming to disrupt the presidential elections, so now Trump may announce the proper actions in reply, said his future chief of staff on Sunday.

Reince Priebus, ex-president of the Republican National Committee, confirmed that Trump now admits that Moscow was behind the attacks to the organizations of the Democratic Party.

Priebus on Trump

“He accepts the fact that exclusively on this topic, there was the interference of the Russian entities” said Priebus in an interview with “Fox News Sunday”.

The comments made by Priebus signal a remarkable change in the position of the future president. On many opportunities, Trump denied that the Russians tried to help him on the elections, arguing that the accusations were an attempt of his political adversaries to diminish the probability of his victory.

It was the first time that a high dome member of the elected president’s staff admitted that Trump accepted the interference of Moscow on the e-mails disclosure of the Democratic Party during the 2016 elections.

In a statement released on Friday, after receiving information from the central intelligence,

Trump didn’t specifically mention the role of Russia on his presidential campaign

Defending the competence of other American agencies, the elected president also said that the investigations demonstrated that Russians tried to interfere and interfered on the elections results” – and recognized his guilty by saying that he never underestimated Putin.

Priebus still said that Trump wants the agencies to make the proper recommendations on what to do. Depending on the recommendations, “some actions will be taken”, he said, avoiding further details. He also added that “one of the things that most worries him are the comments made by leaders or republican analysts who seem to trust more on Putin than on his own fellow citizens due to their proximity with the Democratic Party”.