U.S. President Donald Trump will be making a very big announcement on Monday. He will be forming a new office focused on making the government more efficient. jared kushner will be the leader of this consultant team. Trump has named his new office the White House of American Innovation. Kushner will be responsible for applying business aspects towards government reform. Jared was once just a simple hard-working businessman who lived day-to-day like most Americans. He eventually became the son-in-law to one of the wealthiest men in the world when he married Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Now, the business mogul has paved a way for himself at the White House. He is currently the president’s Senior Adviser. After Monday, he will be holding an office of his own while leading some of the biggest names in several industries.

New office, new team

Joining Kushner to form this team of strategic advisers is some of the most prominent executives in finance and technology. It has been noted that he will be aided by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple’s Tim Cook and Bill Gates. His new office will also consist of Goldman Sachs executive, Gary Cohn and Microsoft’s Chris Liddell.

Approximately 100 other people with roles in General Motors, International Paper, Microsoft and Sales Force will be added to the team as well.

The Senior Adviser’s wife, Ivanka Trump, will also be in attendance to advise and provide insight into this new White House of American Innovation.

Jared Kushner told the President, “We should have excellence in government. The government should run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

Trump obviously agrees with that notion.

American Innovation’s primary duties

“I promised the American people I would produce results, and apply my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality to the government,” President Trump stated about his new plan. The new office brings truth to another one of Trump’s campaign promises. During the 2016 election, Trump asserted that he would run the U.S.

like a business, putting the executive back in the executive branch. The new formation is proud to say it has very little political experience. This is because it’s staffed with all persons being former or present business executives.

The White House of American Innovation will function in its own power center located within the West Wing. It will report directly to Trump on how its authority is being used to overhaul federal bureaucracy and fulfill the Trump administration’s campaign promises. The team is composed of top talent from both inside and outside the political perspective. They can bring a variety of ideas to the table that results in a better America per Kushner’s agenda.

A key element in this business portfolio is also the new government commission on opioid use.

It will be led by Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. The group has already held meetings with leaders and government officials to form a plan that combats the U.S. epidemic of drug abuse.

CEO of Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzian, says, “There is a need to figure out what policies are adding friction to the system without accompanying it with significant benefits. It’s easy for the private sector to at least see where the friction is, and to do that very quickly and succinctly.”

A Gates Foundation spokesperson told Yahoo Finance, “Bill was briefed on the creation of the office during his meeting with administration staff last week. We look forward to learning more about the goals and priorities of the office, and how they fit into the administration’s policy and budgetary priorities.”

Trump acknowledged Kushner’s new appointment with a few words on behalf of the American people.

He said, “All Americans, regardless of their political views, can recognize that government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function, often creating widespread congestion and leading to cost overruns and delays.”