Kylie Jenner seems to have finally moved on after breaking up with her boyfriend, Tyga. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" youngest star is currently hanging out with singer Travis Scott. And rumor has it, the couple has been cozying up to each other and seems to be happy together.

Scott, who is 24-years-old has been on the music scene for a while and as mentioned before he is a singer and also a producer. He had previously dated the famous pop artist Rhianna.

Travis Scott and Tyga's ex-girlfriend is now dating

Jenner and Scott were recently spotted at the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets basketball game.

The couple sat close to each other at the NBA game. Reportedly, her ex-boyfriend Tyga is not too happy about the reality star's relationship with the singer.

According to witnesses, the lovers were busy exchanging messages on their PDA’s and remained inseparable while sitting at the courtside. And according to several people, Kylie seems to be very infatuated with Scott. The next day, the couple was spotted together on a trip to Houston’s Galleria Mall. They visited the Celine store that immediately closed its doors to regular customers. The celebrities were allowed to browse around the warehouse in privacy while looking at some of the most expensive garments on the racks.

However, Kylie and her new boyfriend left the store without purchasing anything, but they showed the fans that had gathered that they were definitely into each other.

The cute couple held hands, and according to witnesses, they were relaxed even with all the attention they were getting.

Jenner and Scott were together at the Coachella Festival

Jenner subtly dropped the hint that she and Tyga were no longer an item when she was first seen snuggling up to the singer at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

But the breakup news came as a shock to Kylie's millions of social media followers, especially when rumors had recently swirled that the reality star was pregnant with his child. Reportedly, the rapper and Jenner started dating before she graduated from high school.

Kylie and Tyga became a couple after he broke up with his baby mother Blac Chyna, Jenner is now the aunt to Blac Chyna's daughter Dream, who is the daughter of her brother Rob Kardashian. Meanwhile, Tyga has not publicly acknowledged the breakup, but it is to be seen what happens next in the drama filled Kardashian-Jenner clan.