The Oakland Police department has reported that 40-60 kids have found a quick way to get some money in their hands; however, they are going about it in a criminal way. The group is accused of committing a string of recent robberies on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). The trains provide rail service regionally throughout the Sans Francisco Bay Area.

Unaware commuters were on their way home to their various destinations when they got the surprise of their lives. Their peaceful journey took a frightening turn when they were swarmed, robbed, and beaten when reportedly 40-60 teens invaded the coach in which they were riding.

According to the officers investigating the crime, the crew of juveniles swarmed the Oakland train station over the past weekend and took over a train car filled with passengers.

Brutal attacks reminiscent of the Wild West

However, while some of the thieves held the doors open on the the train that was on its way to Dublin, others worked their way along the passageway forcing passengers to give up their bags, cell phones, and other valuables. Witnesses on the train told the transit agency that two of the passengers were attacked and brutally beaten by the group and suffered severe injuries during the robbery.

Oakland police officers had reported that at least two riders had suffered head and facial injuries, and were taken to a local area hospital to receive medical treatment.

According to the incident report filed by the police, this is the first time that such a brazen robbery had happened in the United States. The incident occurred at the Coliseum Station at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday night. Reportedly, the juveniles swarmed the station after jumping the fare gates, then rushed to the train platform on the second floor.

Gang of 40-60 teens committed 7 robberies in 6 days.

The robbery was intricately planned according to eyewitnesses, who stated that the attack was quickly done. Witnesses reported that the attack lasted for just about 15 minutes, but before the officers that patrolled the BART trains could respond to the incident, the teens had retreated from the train station.The young crooks made an easy getaway by disappearing into the neighborhoods of the East Oakland area.

Alicia Trost, the spokesperson for the Bay Area Rapid Transit company, said that since last Monday, there were seven robberies committed in the same manner. She also stated that the brazen criminals attacked commuters waiting on the platform as well as riders that were already seated on the trains.