The Associated Press reports that the city of Atlanta has issued a warning to commuters to avoid I-85 because it was recently damaged by a fire that caused the bridge that facilitates thousands of traffic each day to collapse. Mark McDonough, Georgia's State Patrol Commissioner has warned motorist to find other routes to help alleviate the expected bumper to bumper traffic caused by the incident.

I-85 closed to the public until further notice

Interstate 85 is the main thoroughfare that connects the northern states to those in the south of the United States.

According to the commissioner, the expected traffic build-up will have adverse effects on the city's transportation system. All motorists that traverse the thoroughfare should expect delays as they commute throughout the city, he reported.

Additionally, he stated that with the collapse of Atlanta's I-85, commuters traveling during rush hours in the mornings and evenings will be most affected by long delays and traffic lines. State officials are asking everyone to proceed with caution as they navigate their way around the areas that will have the greatest impact.

According to the Associated Press, McDonough describes the situation as putting a cork in a bottle while outlining that the interstate is the major artery that facilitates the largest amount of traffic in Georgia.

Bridge fire sent commuters scrambling during rush hour

The story was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, at that time, the news outlet issued a breaking news story on the massive fire that had burned for over an hour and caused the collapse of the bridge. Several pictures from the scene show black clouds of smoke spiraling towards the sky.

This incident happened last Thursday and sent commuters scrambling to find alternative routes to get to their destinations.

Authorities had outlined that several emergency measures were taken by the first responders at the scene thus avoiding any injury or fatality. Georgia's Transportation officials had warned all commuters to stay away from Interstate 85, as well as practice patience as they work to rectify the problem.

Interstate 85 closed indefinitely by transport authority

Commissioner Russell McMurry of the Department of Transportation had ordered the busy roadway, which carries over 250,000 cars each day closed indefinitely. This according to McMurray will give them time to monitor and work to rectify the problem, he also said the Transportation Department had not issued a timeline of when the interstate will reopen to commuters.