After members of ISIS rejoiced in November following the surprise electoral victory of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, the terror organization is now saying the country is being run by an idiot. The U.S. is drowning since Trump became president, according to the ISIS spokesman.

Signs of U.S. demise are evident

Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, the spokesman of ISIS, claimed America has drowned and it has no savior, he said in a recording posted on the messaging network of The Telegraph. He added that Americans have become prey for the caliphate’s soldiers in every part of the earth.

The U.S., the spokesman said, "is bankrupt and its signs of demise are evident to every eye." The strongest evidence is that Trump does not know what Islam or Iraq or Syria is, New York Post reported. It is the first public comment by the Terror Group since Trump became president.

Imminent demise of America

However, in November, al-Minbar Jihadi Media network, an ISIS-related website, said it was rejoicing with Allah and considered it good news that at Trump’s hands, the demise of the U.S. is imminent. The group said that Trump’s hatred for Muslims “will help fuel the rise of further extremism in the region.”

Trump’s poll victory could bring hostility of Muslims against the U.S. as a result of his reckless actions.

In addition to the al-Minbar website, a Twitter account linked to al-Qaeda said that Trump is the perfect straw man for the next four years, similar to the situation when George Bush was the president.

Bomb the hell out of oilfields

In September, during the campaign period, in a forum on NBC, Trump claimed to know more about the ISIS than the generals.

A member of the audience asked the then-Republican candidate to explain his plan to win over the terror organization. His reply was to “bomb the hell out of the oil fields.”

Now after more than two months as president, Trump is studying ways to speed up a U.S.-led coalition campaign that Iraqi and American officials claimed are largely successful in uprooting ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

Jared Kushner, his son-in-law who is on a two-day trip to Iraq as Trump’s representative, is optimistic that Mosul, the largest city held by the ISIS, could be retaken from the terror organization under Washington’s long-term alliance with the Iraqi military, Reuters reported.