According to Pennsylvania State Police, Steve Stephens, the suspect in the Cleveland Facebook Live killing, shot himself to death following a brief pursuit through Erie County, Pennsylvania. Stephens was the man who posted a video to Facebook, allegedly showing him shooting 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. in the head in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday. At the time, Stephens made his victim speak his former girlfriend’s name, saying she was the reason why this was happening to him. He then shot Godwin in the head.

Facebook Live killer on the run since Sunday

Stephens had been on the run from police since Sunday and was considered armed and dangerous after threatening in the Facebook video to kill more people. There has been a nationwide manhunt for the killer, with his photo on billboards all over the country. At one stage, police had no idea where Stephens fled to. However, on Sunday evening, Erie Police detected a ping from Stephens' phone on the east side of that county. Stephens was not seen in the area, until today.

According to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, the area was initially searched on Sunday after they got the ping. They were planning on going back today to perform a more thorough search of the area.

Williams added that police had no idea if someone was harboring Stephens in the area, adding that there were many places to hide in Erie County. He said that there are many remote areas with farms, barns and woods.

Stephens’ vehicle spotted at a McDonald's in Erie, Pennsylvania

Williams said in a news conference that it was shortly after 11 a.m.

on Tuesday that a tip was received by Pennsylvania State Police regarding the vehicle police were seeking in connection to Stephens. The vehicle was reported to be in a parking lot at an Erie, Pennsylvania McDonald’s, roughly 100 miles from Cleveland. According to a report by, Stephens ordered a portion of chicken nuggets shortly before the police chase began.

When officers responded to the scene, Stephens fled, leading to a two-mile pursuit by police. Once police managed to stop Stephens’ car, by ramming a cruiser into the white Ford Fusion, they then approached the vehicle. At that time Stephens reportedly shot himself dead.

While Williams said they are grateful the chase is over, police would have preferred that it didn’t end this way. He said there are many questions from the family and the city as to why Stephens did what he did. According to police, the investigation is still ongoing.

Stephens claimed to have killed 13 people in the Facebook video but according to police no further victims have been found.

ABC News spoke with Godwin’s daughter, Tonya Godwin Baines on Monday, who told them the video will always be in her mind, as she saw the fear in her father’s eyes. She still finds it unbelievable that someone could brutally murder her father like he did. She described her father as a family man who would give anyone the shirt off his back. However, her sister, Debbie Godwin reportedly said she bears no animosity against Stephens. She said her parents taught them to love people and forgive them, even when they do something wrong against them.