Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to a hospital after his doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. Bush was admitted on Friday, held under observation due to a persistent cough that wouldn't allow him to rest. Since then, doctors have treated him with antibiotics, and he is feeling much better.

Bush was diagnosed with pneumonia

The Houston hospital confirmed that Bush needed treatment for pneumonia. Apparently, he received a few days of antibiotics, and he feels much better. His doctors don't think he will suffer any permanent issues from his recent health bout, but point out that he's been feeling under the weather for several weeks.

The doctor added that Bush is in his mid-nineties and health issues are expected.

Recent health issues

In January, Bush was rushed to the hospital after he couldn't catch his breath. The doctor ran some test and discovered he had pneumonia and a partial blockage of his lung. They did a procedure which unblocked his lung, and he had been doing well at home, until recently.

The former president has a form of Parkinson's disease, and he is prone to respiratory distress. His doctor says that for a 92-year-old man, Bush is in good health.

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