Right wing extremist Alex Jones is in the middle of a heated battle for custody of his three children with his ex-wife, Kelly. His ex-wife claims that his bizarre behavior proves that he could be a danger to their three kids. Below is five interesting facts that came out in court over the past few days.

Jones stripped down to nothing during family therapy sessions

Kelly's attorney played a video of Alex ripping his clothes off to show his “Super Male Virility” during his broadcast. The attorney claimed that Alex would take his clothes off during family therapy sessions with Kelly.

Apparently, the therapist had a problem with Alex's behavior.

Jones forgot what grade his kids were in; his excuse is hilarious

Alex, like most fathers, is entirely unaware of the little details about his children. For example, Jones once forgot what grade his children in. He tried to remember, but ultimately, he just couldn't remember. The Infowars owner claimed that the reason he forgot what class they were in was because he had "a gigantic bowl of chili for lunch."

Alex taught his son to throw darts at Hillary Clinton's head shot

This is one of the pieces of evidence that didn't surprise most people.

Jones once taught his young son to throw darts by using Hillary's picture as the target. It isn't a huge surprise that Jones cannot stand Clinton. His wife believes that her ex-husband is trying to "brainwash" his children to hate Democrats.

The judge wouldn't allow the video to be played because it could impact jury members who voted for Hillary last election.

Jones instructed his children to 'find dirt' on their mother that he could use in court

According to Raw Story, this accusation was one of the more serious ones. Apparently, Kelly's attorney says that Jones instructed their children to dig up dirt on his ex-wife that he could use in court.

On his Infowars broadcast, he regularly says he believes that the government has not right to snoop in anyone's private affairs, but he didn't have a problem doing it if it means he could use the information to benefit him.

What's worse, Alex doesn't think he did anything wrong by asking his own children to betray their mother in this way.

Alex sabotaged his case

Jones may have sabotaged his own case but posting a video insisting that he isn't a "performance artist." On Sunday, he posted a video in which he claimed that he actually believed many of the conspiracy theories he has talked about through the years. This completely destroys his case because his lawyer said that Alex's broadcast was for entertainment only, and he didn't believe any of the crazy theories he talks about on his radio show.

Alex's recent video could prove his ex-wife's case. Kelly believes that her ex-husband is unstable and completely insane.

He isn't doing anything to help his case and seems to be going out his way to make it harder for his attorney to win the case.

Apparently, the recent video could get Jones in more trouble too if her attorney can prove it violated a court-ordered gag order. Jones' lawyer claims the video was made a few weeks ago and didn't violate any court orders. His ex-wife believes that he made this video to keep his Infowars followers guessing whether he believes the crazy conspiracy theories he touts on his broadcast. Ultimately, it will be left up to the judge to decide and it looks like it may not be good news for Alex.

Do you think Alex Jones believes the conspiracy theories he comes up with for his Infowars broadcast? Do you think he crossed the line when he asked his children to spy on their mom and give him information to use against her? Who do you think will get custody of their three children?