In March 2016, Samantha Houston, 19, of Everett, Washington, threw her Newborn Baby son into a dumpster – leaving him to die – after giving birth to him in a shower. If it wasn’t for an apartment complex worker who was passing by hearing the child’s cries, the newborn baby would have been crushed moments later in the trash compactor.

Teenager sentenced to six months in jail for felony abandonment

After pleading guilty to the crime, Houston was sentenced on Monday this week to six months behind bars on a charge of felony abandonment and has to begin her sentence on Friday this week.

However, according to a report by the Everett Herald, despite her actions, the Washington teenager could possibly regain custody of her son. Houston was in the past granted weekly supervised visits with her baby son. According to Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent, Houston is “on track” to regain custody, as long as she continues to follow the court’s instructions.

Deputy prosecutor Laura Twitchell said if Houston had not pleaded guilty to felony abandonment back in March, she would most likely have faced a trial for attempted murder. Twitchell added that the baby was “the most helpless victim,” adding that he was completely powerless and vulnerable. However, the prosecution requested a lengthy no-contact order between Houston and the baby, but Judge Okrent reportedly denied that.

Defense said Washington teenager was in a ‘dissociative state’ at the time

Acting for Houston, public defender Whitney Rivera had said the Washington teenager had abandoned her child during what was termed a “dissociative state.” However, Judge Okrent was not convinced. He turned down a request by the defense for a first-time offender waiver, which would have meant Houston would spend no time in jail.

Twitchell mentioned that Houston had misled police at the time she abandoned her child and had reportedly researched the usage of DNA to establish parentage, showing her actions were premeditated.

Houston wishes she could take it back

As reported by the New York Post, Houston spoke out at the hearing saying she wished she could take back what she did to her baby after he was born.

She said it was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to a newborn baby. She went on to say she wants to make sure her son knows that she will fight for him as much as she can.

As noted by the Everett Herald, mothers in Washington State can leave their newborn babies with any staff member or volunteer at a rural clinic, hospital emergency room or fire station – with no questions asked.