Pope Francis left many Catholics feeling uneasy with his Open Border policy. Many of them suggested that his plan could lead the church's downfall.

Recently, the Pope spoke out for an open border's plan that would allow non-European migrants to move into Europe without restriction. Of course, France's presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen sees this could result in a dangerous situation, stating Pope Francis policy would go against what is best for their own people by allowing unlimited migrants.

Le Pen destroys Pope Francis

According to American News, Marine doesn't think it is the pope's place to be talking about open borders and allowing a free flow of immigrants into European countries.

She said that immigrant and open border discussion falls under politics. And, she added that she doesn't think someone in his position should be talking publically about it.

The Pope has not responded

It's not a huge surprise that he did not reply to the presidential nominee's comments. Many people agreed with her, stating that he shouldn't get involved with political topics. Apparently, Marine felt it crossed the line between church and state.

In many ways, Le Pen was right, and the Pope shouldn't be speaking about politics, but maybe he compelled to take a stand.