Joseph Jakubowski, age 32, of Janesville, WI, allegedly threatened public officials with harm and also threatened to commence school shootings. In addition, he reportedly sent a 161-page anti-religious and anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump at the White House.

Jakubowski is accused of breaking into a Janesville gun shop, named Armageddon, on April 4, and of stealing high-caliber rifles, along with high-end handguns. law enforcement authorities say he is armed and is considered dangerous: he possesses a helmet and bullet-proof vest.

For information leading to Jakubowski’s arrest, the FBI’s offering a $10,000 reward. He has green eyes, brown hair, stands at 5-feet, 10-inches tall, and weighs 200 pounds.

The telephone number to report direct sightings is 9-1-1. For relaying general tips and background information about Jakubowski’s history, call 1-800-225-2324.

Minding the manhunt for Jakubowski

More than 150 law enforcement officers – pooled from various local, state and federal agencies – are searching for Jakubowski. Sheriff Robert Spoden, Rock County, WI, said during a press conference held April 7, that Jakubowski is angry at government officials – basically anyone in authority or government. Sheriff Spoden also described Jakubowski as highly agitated over myriad issues surrounding politics.

He said the multi-page manifesto mailed to President Trump on April 4 related grievances against the government.

Police allege suspect made video mailing manifesto to President Trump

Law enforcement officials – accusing Jakubowski of threatening to commence an unspecified attack – released a video allegedly of their suspect, claiming it depicts him emailing the manifesto at the post office.

The Rock County Sheriff (Spoden) said the video encompasses a garden variety of injustices that Jakubowski contends the government and society’s upper-class thrust on everyone else. He also reportedly believes the government, and, most especially, law enforcement act like terrorists, enslaving people in a way Jakubowski finds “unacceptable.”

In the opening of the 15-minute video, the initial minutes are black, yet talking can be heard.

Authorities say Jakubowski can then be seen inside the post office, holding up an envelope for the camera and it bears Trump’s name. Nearing the end of the video, according to police, Jakubowski proclaims revolution” while walking through a parking lot.