Reports indicate a wanted man with an extensive supply of firepower is on the loose in Wisconsin today.

The suspect may be planning some sort of attack

Joseph Jakubowski- a 32 -year-old white male whose dissatisfaction with "national politics" led him to allegedly send President Donald Trump an anti-government manifesto- was last seen on Tuesday, April 4 before practically vanishing. Reports claim that on that Tuesday, Jakubowski broke into a Wisconsin gun shop and stole 16 high-caliber handguns and rifles, before later burning his car. Wisconsin Police describe the man as "highly agitated" by recent political decisions, and officials say there is reason to believe the south Wisconsin native may be planning some sort of attack.

Sources claim the 161-page manifesto itself contained views that reflected a powerful disdain for religiosity, and as such, security patrols around local churches have been considerably reinforced. It also hinted at potentially targeting local schools in an effort to spur "revolution"- so local officials are advising that schools in the area remain closed until the fugitive is apprehended.

Jakubowski is a virtual 'needle in a haystack'

Not much is known about the 32-year-old besides a recent video he posted on Facebook of himself allegedly mailing the manifesto to #Trump's DC office. His records indicate he has a previous felony conviction for attempting to steal a gun from an officer, along with a string of misdemeanor offenses.

A quick search of his name essentially reveals nothing other than the fact that he may have worked as a roofer at some point. Though he's seemingly been in and out of the system longer than he's actually held a steady job, sources say investigators have no idea where he could have possibly gone. In a state with a population that's 89% white, an unassuming white male with no distingushing characteristics could become a virtual needle in a haystack.

Reasons for Jakubowki's 'anti-government' stance are unclear

A reason for the man's seething hatred for "all government officials" is unclear as of now- though sources indicate it may have something to do with Trump's newly proposed policies. Wisconsin did vote red in last year's past election, but not everyone is happy with how President Trump has handled things in the few months since he took office.

Noting claims from conservative supporters that the president has not fulfilled his promises, it could be that Jakubowski has decided to take things into his own hands- spelliing danger for anyone who may be on his radar.

Sources indicate more than 100 law enforcement officials are working around the clock to apprehend the potentially dangerous man, and the FBI has offered a $10,000 reward for anyone with information regarding his whereabouts.