There’s a $10,000 reward out for any information that would lead to authorities arresting 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski, a Janesville man who has stolen guns and threatened public officials in the area. As reported by the Wisconsin State Journal, there is also the matter of a 161-page anti-government manifesto that Jakubowski wrote and reportedly sent to U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden, the FBI has evaluated the manifesto to get a better idea of Jakubowski’s mind-set. He went on to tell reporters that it is basically a long list of injustices that he believes the government, society and the upper class have put onto the rest of American citizens.

He says there is nothing really specific, just an overview stating Jakubowski feels that the government and law enforcement are acting as terrorists and are enslaving the people.

Janesville man breaks into a gun shop

According to Spoden, Jakubowski is suspected of breaking into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop in Janesville on Tuesday evening and stealing 18 guns. He also, reportedly, set his vehicle alight around 20 minutes later, but Spoden is unsure why he did this, other than possibly making a statement. Jakubowski also has a helmet and a bulletproof vest in his possession.

According to Commander Troy Knudson of the Rock County Sheriff’s office, 150 officers from all areas of law enforcement – including the Secret Service – are now pursuing many leads and have searched around a dozen locations.

Officials were reportedly accompanied on occasion by tactical teams using armored equipment given to them by the FBI. Knudson says this will be routine until the matter is resolved.

Jakubowski threatens schools and public officials

Spoden said investigators had learned from one of Jakubowski’s associates that he is extremely agitated by current national politics.

He had reportedly said he was planning to steal guns to use in an unspecified attack. Spoden said he had specifically threatened schools and public officials.

Schools were closed on Friday in several areas of south-central Wisconsin, after Jakubowski had made threats of attacking schools. FBI Special Agent Justin Tolomeo said in a statement that Jakubowski is extremely dangerous and that he has threatened to attack various other targets, making it a national concern.

Jakubowski could be anywhere by now

According to the Washington Post, Janesville is close to the southern border of Wisconsin. Janesville Police Chief David Moore said they have no idea where Jakubowski is right now, saying he could still be in Janesville, or he could be around Rock County. Moore added that he may even have left Wisconsin.

Moore added that Jakubowski has had several run-ins in the past with local authorities, including traffic offenses an attempt to disarm an officer. However, he said they had not seen this type of “anti-government” behavior in the past, so they don’t know what to expect.