From the day Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, he made sure to make Illegal Immigration a corner stone of his platform. Fast forward to present day, and the commander in chief is still sticking to his talking points.

Trump on Twitter

If there's two things that the Donald Trump campaign will be remembered for, it will be the president's frequent use of social media, and his non-stop focus on immigration reform. The former host of "The Apprentice" put his focus on illegal immigration from day one, and despite backlash from the mainstream news media and critics, he was able to ride that message to the Repubican nomination, and eventually his upset win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Over the last two years, Trump called for the completed construction of a southern border wall, which he claimed would be 100 percent financed by Mexico, while going as far as saying he would deport all 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Since then, Trump hasn't walked back too much of his message, with the exception of keeping his views on DREAMers to a vague minimum. When it comes to his Twitter use, the billionaire real estate mogul often finds himself in trouble, as he's been known to target celebrities, Democrats, foreign world leaders, and even members of his own party to get his points across. Taking to the official POTUS Twitter account on April 11, Trump didn't hold back his thoughts about illegal gangs benefiting from the current immigration system.

Switching from his personal Twitter account to the one assigned to the President of the United States, Donald Trump retweeted a comment made earlier in the day by Attorney Gen.

Jeff Sessions who vowed to reduce crime in the United States by targeting illegal immigrants who are participating in gang activity. "Gangs & cartels that flood our country will no longer be able to profit from their lawlessness, turn cities into warzones & harm our people!" Trump tweeted out on Tuesday night.

Immigration targets

Donald Trump's comments helped promote the aforementioned message by Jeff Sessions, who addressed members of the Customs and Border Protection personnel at the border of the United States and Mexico on Tuesday morning. Sessions pushed an initiative that Trump has long championed dealing with immigration officials going after those who commit dangerous and criminal acts in the United States in an attempt to "prevent" and "deter" illegal immigration.