Shocking news broke on Wednesday after it was revealed that Donald Trump had removed his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon from serving on the National Security Counsel. As rumors continued to heat up over what went down, a new reports details why Trump has not been pleased with Bannon since entering the White House.

Trump on Bannon

It was just last August when Paul Manafort was forced out as the campaign manager for Donald Trump after his financial ties to Russia were exposed to the public. With Manafort out, veteran Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway was put in his place, while former Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon was brought on board to serve as the campaign's CEO.

The addition on Bannon quickly raised red flags as Breitbart has been known for pushing questionable information in the passed with a hard right-wing slant. Following the election, Bannon was added to the White House team, now holding the title of chief strategist. However, while Bannon and Trump have been close for some time, the former host of "The Apprentice" has reportedly been angry at the former head of Breitbart, which was explained in further detail during a April 5 Fox News report.

Even with no credentials to fall back on, Steve Bannon was given a seat at the table of the National Security Council, which resulted in instant backlash from the media.

While Bannon has been one of Donald Trump's most trusted allies, he's allegedly been getting under the president's skin in recent weeks, which was confirmed by Fox News' John Roberts. "We are also told that maybe the President was not particularly happy at the way Bannon had been grabbing the limelight," Roberts explained during a Wednesday afternoon broadcast, before adding, "that may have played into all of this."

Moving forward

The potential issues between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are just one of many that have been leaked in recent days, with some even coming from the administration's inner circle.

Earlier this week, Trump ally Roger Stone accused the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, of leaking "fake news" to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in an attempt to harm the president. In addition, Michael Flynn Jr., who had a short-lived spot on the transition team, spoke out against Trump on Twitter following Bannon's removal from the National Security Counsel.