Ivanka Trump fired back at critics in an interview on CBS with Gayle King on Wednesday, April 5. The main issue was that a comment was made that she and her husband Jared Kushner are "complicit" with President Donald Trump. The husband and wife both have unpaid jobs in the White House. Ivanka is the president's daughter and his assistant, and Jared is the president's son-in-law and his senior adviser.


Since Ivanka said she doesn't know what the word means, Merriam-Webster helped her out. Officials of the well-known dictionary tweeted the definition of "complicit" because the word was trending on the dictionary's website.

Along with Merriam-Webster's tweet was a link to the meaning of the word.

This is not the first time the dictionary has tweeted someone in the White House about the wrong use of words. When Kellyanne Conway used the expression "alternative facts," the dictionary tweeted a clarification of the meaning. Also, on a couple of occasions, the dictionary has tweeted the president about misspelled words.

Trump/King interview

In her first interview since becoming her father's assistant, Ivanka told King that if being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then she is complicit. However, Merriam-Webster disagreed with Ivanka's use of the word. According to the dictionary, complicit means "helping to commit a crime or to do wrong in some way." The dictionary used the word in a sentence to help Ivanka and others know how the word should be used.

For example, "He was complicit in the cover-up."

Ivanka addressed the public's criticisms about Kushner's qualifications because of the responsibilities he has been given without having the experience. She concluded that her husband is smart, talented and capable. After all, he helped her father win the presidency.

Ivanka talked about other things during the interview. She mentioned several issues that she doesn't speak publicly about, including Planned Parenthood, gay rights, and climate change.