Iranian-American Robin Shahini had been serving Prison time in Iran until a few days ago. He was convicted for having partnership in a malicious government. He has now been discharged from prison on bond after performing a weeks-long hunger strike, resisting his imprisonment alongside other dual nationals targeted by hard-liners. Hadi Ghaemi from the Center for Human Rights in Iran said Shahini, a California resident, was released from prison on a $62,000 bond. However, it is uncertain whether or not Shahini may leave the region.

Iranian officials have yet to comment on Shahini being released on bail.

Apprehension for no reason

Shahini took a trip last year to Iran to see his mother who was at the time recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. During his stay within the country he was investigated by Iranian officials. They took whatever information they could find to obtain probable cause and used it against him in their court of law. He was apprehended on July 11, 2016 and taken to an Iranian prison.

Iranian controversy

During trial, district attorneys reportedly used social media images of Shahini standing near famous Iranian exiles to make a statement of his sentence. Hard-liners have been utilizing such scenarios to dispute the governing body of President Hassan Rouhan. Iran's presidential election is coming in May, and Rouhani is predicted to run next month.

Iran does not acknowledge dual citizenship, meaning that individuals they detain can't receive consular support. American dual-nationals have faced subliminal charges in closed-door proceedings before Iran's Revolutionary Court. These cases have landed them in prisons all over Iran. The court is formed to handle cases involving alleged attempts to overthrow the government.

Experts and relatives of those detained have advocated to Iran’s surveillance teams that they need to negotiate another deal with the United States. They are suggesting that the Islamic Republic does this so that Shahini and the other captives cannot return home.