So many Dogs are headed to a shelter for various reasons, whether they are abandoned, abused or strays but the sad truth is that many of the animals fail to find homes. It is tough when it comes to older pets and those with some type of disability or illness. But these pets are still deserving of a loving home and caring pet parents where they can live out the rest of their lives in comfort and solace. A beautiful, caring couple decided to open their home and hearts to those less fortunate pets that are often left behind. It is too sad that the older pets or those with health issues remain to die in these shelters.

Meet couple that gives special dogs a loving home to live the remainder of their days in comfort

A very exceptional couple from Southampton, New Jersey chose to dedicate their lives to the senior dogs and those with possible health issues by giving them a comfortable home they can call their own. Michele and Jeff Allen often fostered several dogs but were devastated one of those precious animals dealing with dental and heart issues passed away. The dog named Monkey inspired the couple to open and run the Monkey’s House, a sanctuary and hospice for dogs nearing the end of their lives. The Monkey’s House is situated on the couple’s six-acre property. Michele Allen told CNN that the grief over losing Monkey was really tough, so to honor the dog who loved other dogs, they founded the new facility.

Monkey House saves lives through help of volunteers and donations

The Allen’s accept dogs that come from veterinarians, animal control groups, and shelters after being surrendered by their owners. Most of these animals were at risk of possible euthanization. The pets are then showered with love and attention by volunteers who care for them.

They are provided home-cooked canine meals, regular medical vet care and are allowed to relax wherever they like within the facility. There are typically about 20 dogs sharing the home that includes pets with heart problems, cancer, and diabetes, all conditions that can lead to expensive vet bills. To help with such expenses, the Monkey House receives financial donations along with 60 pounds of donated dog food weekly to offset costs.

Fifty volunteers give of their time to ensure all the dogs live the rest of their lives through their kindness, generosity, and love. Anyone who wants to help Michele and Jeff Allen with their efforts at the Monkey’s House in New Jersey can send donations through their Facebook page. Help these dogs live a life of luxury through their remaining years by a couple with hearts of gold.