The Greyhound dog is tall and slender, often used strictly for racing purposes. They have a long and narrow head with a tapered muzzle. The dog is brilliant, devoted, brave, charming, laid back and loving. Because of their lean and slender stature, people tend to engage them in Greyhound racing. The races are tremendous business and frequently driven by money and power. Some dog owners and trainers opt for using steroids on the animals for various reasons in the racing world, but it is questionable whether steroids are in the best interest of the animals.

Greyhound racing in Florida and a new bill regarding steroids

Greyhound racing is considered a competitive, organized sport utilizing greyhound dogs to race around a racetrack. The track is typically oval and involves luring dogs around it with an artificial lure on the rail until the dogs cross the finish line. Another event is coursing where a live bait like a hare or rabbit is chased and may be killed at the end of the race. In Florida, the government is cracking down on these races by proposing a bill against the use of steroids on the dogs.

The argument for using steroids for Greyhound dogs

Those within the greyhound industry have concerns regarding the new bill to ban steroids on the dogs, especially when it comes to the females. Steroids are used to keep them from going into heat, or it could be a catastrophe when there are 30 males and 30 females. Fred Johnson who works with the Florida Greyhound Association of Jacksonville has been in the business since 1978 and said that people misconstrue the use of steroids.

Additionally, they are not given shots but actually administered a chewable form.

Kate MacFall with the Humane Society of the United States is an animal activist that has concerns about giving these dogs the steroids. She states that giving the Greyhounds a steroid twice monthly can have adverse effects on the animal long term.

The female over time develops male parts, and animal rights group Grey2K say steroids have been used in females for years in other countries. Instead of causing harm to the animals, females should be separated for the short period they are in heat, according to Carey Theil of Grey2K. He states that, although those in the Florida Greyhound industry love their dogs, but they seem to oppose any efforts to protect them and keep them safe. A bill to ban the use of steroids on Greyhound racing dogs was approved by the Florida House of Representatives. House Bill 743 was approved and co-sponsored by Republican state Rep. Alex Miller of Sarasota and Democratic state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith of Orlando. It is a substitute for Senate Bill 512. The main argument is that steroids are harmful to the dogs and unfair in the competition.