Everyone watched April the giraffe during her pregnancy and couldn't wait to see her have the baby. It took months and then finally she gave birth and the live webcam shut off. Fans loved April and wanted to watch her new baby grow, but this wasn't the way it worked. Now Animal Adventure Park is speaking out and saying that they will be sharing April online once again! The fans really thought that it was over and were sad to see the live camera feed go.

When can you watch April the giraffe again?

The Animal Adventure Park went to their Facebook page and shared saying, "The Giraffe Cam returns today, and every Tuesday from 4 PM - 8 PM Eastern.

Why this time frame?" They went on to explain that they picked this time because that is when the giraffes coming into their stalls. During the day, they are outside and very active so you wouldn't get to see much. They also feel like this is a perfect time for viewers everywhere to get a chance to watch it, no matter what time zone they live in. The Animal Adventure Park wanted to make sure that they were able to keep it where everyone could enjoy the new baby, but they won't have the camera on full-time like they did when she was in labor.

Everyone used to be able to watch April the giraffe non-stop twenty-four hours a day. Now you will only get a small window each week to check in on her and her baby.

That isn't exactly what everyone wants, but it is better than the alternative of not being able to see them at all. The fans are excited about the chance to watch the new baby grow along with watching April to see how she is as a mom.

Also every Friday, they will be sending out an update on the baby giraffe and how it is doing now.

They shared that the video this week is going to include the first time that the giraffe goes outside. They didn't actually share the name that the baby will have yet and are doing a contest to try and figure out what the best name will be for this new baby giraffe. Hopefully, they will come out with the name soon and the fans can know if they actually won the contest or picked the right name.

Are you excited that you can watch April the giraffe and her new baby on live webcam again? Will you be watching? Sound off in the comments section below about getting to watch April once again. Maybe other zoos will see how popular this was for them and decide to share live camera views of their animals in labor. April now has T-shirts and a ton of various products that people can't help but want to buy.