Adanna Ibe, 27, and Marcel Brooks, 29, of Antioch, Calif. were taken into custody on Thursday after attempting to shoot Brooks’ 11-month-old son at a McDonald’s in East Bay, Calif. Both parties are now being held without bail, charged with conspiracy to commit murder and Attempted Murder of the baby. However, according to court documents, this may have been their second attempt to kill the baby boy.

Male suspect is reportedly a ‘great dad’ to the 11-month-old baby

Nina Clark, Brooks’ aunt, reportedly told ABC7 News that she doesn’t believe her nephew was involved in the attempted murder, saying he is a “great dad.” However investigators in San Leandro believe otherwise.

Reportedly, Brooks had asked the baby’s mother to meet him at the McDonald’s on Monday afternoon so he could visit with his son. However, while police say Brooks was in that area, he never actually entered the McDonald’s, as Ibe went inside instead.

According to Lt. Isaac Benabou, police interviewed witnesses at the scene of the shooting and then viewed the McDonald’s surveillance video, which showed Ibe walking to the table where the Mother And Baby were seated. East County Today reported that Ibe then fired one shot at close range towards and mother and baby and then immediately exited the restaurant via the main entrance.

There was no sign of her when police arrived at the scene. The bullet missed both the mother and the baby by only about a foot. Benabou said it was a miracle no one was hurt in the shooting incident. The Bay Area couple was then arrested in a Sacramento hotel on the day following the shooting.

Second attempt by Bay Area couple to kill the baby

Benabou went on to say that during their investigation, police learned that the 11-month-old baby was the intended target of the shooting. According to court documents, Ibe and Brooks, who have a five-year-old child together, attempted to kill the baby on a previous occasion.

That incident happened towards the end of March, where Brooks reportedly lured the mother and baby to a specific location at which Ibe then attempted to run them both over with a car.

Woman confesses to the crime, man denies involvement

According to investigators, Ibe has confessed to the crime, but claims it was Brooks’ idea, and he has denied any involvement in the crime. Police are not, at present, revealing any motive for the attempted killing of the baby by the Bay Area couple, but they are convinced this was not a random crime and that they have the correct suspects in custody.