Ann Coulter wears many hats as she is an American lawyer as well as a conservative social commentator. Coulter is also an author, syndicated columnist, and a political commentator. She frequently speaks at private and public gatherings and appears on television and radio shows.

Huge demonstration at Berkeley University

Ann Coulter was recently invited to offer her services at the University Of California at Berkeley. However, this event has caused the university to tighten its security as many opponents were expected to gather at the premises to demonstrate against the outspoken commentator.

The event scheduled for Thursday evening would have undoubtedly cost the city a huge sum to protect the establishment, visitors and the guest speaker.

A ground zero tolerance was set in place to help curtail the extraordinary showdown between the far left and the far right demonstrators. And while many individuals welcome the controversial speaker others would have shown up to protest that Coulter would damage their free speech entitlement. However, while competing demonstrators shouted harsh words at each other overall it was done in a non-confrontational manner.

Sponsors pulled out of Ann Coulter's event

The local police department had officers out in large numbers with the expectation of large crowds of supporters of and against the conservative commentator.

However, Ann Coulter's speech at the UC Berkeley education facility had many sponsors withdrawing as officers stated they would be unable to provide adequate security for the highly anticipated event.

Nicholas Dirks, the University Chancellor later issued a statement stating that while freedom of speech and the right to assembly are cherished by all Americans, there was absolutely no freedom for people to use the event to commit violence in order to silence others.

Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley's Mayor in a statement added that demonstrators should always employ cautionary measures to separate themselves from violent altercations.

Local news outlets reported that the police department had deployed helicopters to circle over the city. Campus police officers were also out in full force as well as law officials from the local police department.

Reportedly, two individuals were arrested by the campus police. The Berkeley campus posted the information on Twitter, however, it did not state if there were any affiliation between the university and the individuals. No details of why they were arrested were posted on the social media site.

Further reports stated that the police had cut off access to the main university plaza and several people were searched for weapons such as bottles, tasers, chains, signs/banners as well as incendiary devices and explosives.