While Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in the White House, he's made a point to highlight what he believes have been the positive aspects of his administration. Though supporters of the president have backed his agenda, others have not been so kind, including MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Reid on Trump

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most controversial and shocking events in American political history. With Donald Trump coming out the winner, the aftermath has become just as surprising. The former host of "The Apprentice" has spent the months since the election putting together his administration, formulating his policies and executive orders, while causing massive backlash from millions of Americans who refuse to accept that his victory is legitimate.

As Trump's poll numbers continue to drop to historic laws, he's used his following on social media to paint a different picture, including cherry-picking poll results to promote his alleged popularity. In addition, Trump spoke to the Associated Press (AP) on Sunday and gave an interview that left many scratching their heads. Commenting on these issues, and more, was Joy Reid in a series of Twitter posts.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night to sound off on Donald Trump was Joy Reid, as the MSNBC host continued to highlight some of the most questionable actions of the president.

"Just completely over the bend. He's rambling, incoherent, repeating his favorite stories over and over (did you know he won the election?)" Reid tweeted out in regards to the aforementioned Trump interview with the AP.

"Watch Trump's mind wander from subject to subject with no apparent charted course, but always stumbling back to how cable news treats him," Joy Reid wrote on Twitter, while attaching part of the transcript to the AP interview.

"He's like a babbling brook of incoherence and obsession," she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

"It's not even funny," Joy Reid added on Twitter, while noting, "Trump clearly doesn't know anything about the policies he's trying to explain.

He just recalls who likes him/is nice." "At one point, an aide seems to chime in and prompt Trump to recall a happy memory for him," she noted. Reid then focused on Trump's obsession with the media not reporting on him like he would like. "He returns over and over to complaining that the press won't praise him," she noted, before later tweeting, "His tics and obsessions are clearly the core of his persona."

Moving forward

As critics continue to pile on Donald Trump and what he's done during the start of his presidency, he doesn't appear willing to change his tune. With Trump's approval numbers dropping below 40 percent in some polls, the billionaire real estate mogul will stand by his agenda, regardless of the backlash against him.