A #deadly bomb exploded on the subway in #St Petersburg on Monday killing 11 people and wounding more than 40, including children. The train, that channels across the city dispensing 2 million people a day, had only just traveled into a tunnel between stations in a downtown precinct when the Bomb went off.

It was a #homemade device, stuffed with shrapnel and it detonated and blasted the third car, spreading bloody chaos amongst a frightened and shocked crowd of midday passengers.

Videos show on social media revealed blood on the floor as determined and heroic crowds dragged the injured from the car.

With some badly damaged doors glued together in the heat of the explosion, harried and #brave passengers smashed the windows as screams pierced the afternoon air.

After a long lull, Russia's cities have once again found themselves a target of #terrorism. Investigations by security enforcement agencies eventually claimed that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber from a militant and terrorist Islamic Group. Speculation then suggested that it was the work of militants from southern Russia who had escaped Chechnya to join the Islamic State.