Upcoming “General Hospital” spoilers show Curtis Ashford and Jason Morgan’s parallel investigations into the bomb that “killed” Morgan will exonerate Sonny Corinthos. Here’s the shocking culprit that may have done the deed.

Who the bomber is not, and why

One suspect is Julian Jerome who some say set Sonny up to go down for attempted murder. Another is Alexis Davis who might want rid of her estranged husband for good. Jason’s name has even been tossed around. Most people blame Sonny and a few have suggested shady Nelle Hayes.


Nelle has no reason to harm Julian but we have to consider the fallout from the investigation. The powers that be at GH don’t want to lose a major character.

The best suspect of all

“General Hospital” spoilers show no one goes to jail for long in Port Charles, except Shawn Butler. So if the bomber is a current character, that seems improbable because the show would lose them. When regulars go to jail, we have scenes in Pentonville until the perpetrator is pardoned or escapes. It makes more sense if the perp is expendable or, even better, already exited the show. Who fits the bill?

Paul Hornsby!

Why Paul Hornsby would be the perfect bomber

Paul has little respect for life and shot Sonny although that fact seems to have died with Carlos Rivera. But why would Paul try to kill Julian, the intended target of the car bomb? Paul hated Ava Jerome's blackmail that let Julian go unpunished for killing Duke and trying to kill Alexis Davis. Paul thought he was doing justice with the GH serial killings. Bombing Julian’s car would also be justice.


How Paul Hornsby could have done it

Paul was in prison when the bomb was planted but Paul is wealthy and could hire someone to plant the bomb. Second, Paul had access to a network of criminals thanks to his “undercover” work. It would be easy for Paul to arrange the car bomb from prison. The PCPD know the bomber but he was a hired gun. Everyone assumes it’s Sonny, but no way would Sonny use a car bomb and his minions know car bombs are a no-no.

Paul's motive -- love of Anna

Why would Paul take this drastic step?

It’s more than justice for those Julian harmed. It’s about love. Twisted Paul loves Anna Devane in his own way. Killing Julian would prove himself to Anna even if he never has a shot to be with her. Paul killed people to get justice for Susan Hornsby. Killing Julian to get justice for Anna is right in his lane. He wouldn’t think twice about taking out a dirtbag like Julian to make Anna happy. The motive is absolute.

Sonny exonerated – Paul implicated

Jason and Curtis should come to the same conclusion.


It wasn’t Sonny that set the bomb. Although this is strictly a theory, it would wrap things up neatly since Paul is already in jail. GH won’t have to cut any cast members to send them to jail. This theory aligns to the facts and would offer closure without writing a ridiculous conclusion as they did with the GH killer case

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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