Just in case the gentle reader thought that the transgendered bathroom wars could not get any weirder, the Daily Caller brings us the story of a decidedly heterosexual, Cisgendered, Teenage Boy who is suing his school over being forced to change clothes in front of a transgendered “boy.” The trans boy in question is still anatomically female, which is causing the plaintiff some confusion and embarrassment. The suit tells us several interesting things.

First, a teenage heterosexual boy exists who will admit to being discombobulated at being naked in front of a naked female (albeit someone who identifies as male.) The admission bespeaks of a certain bravery that only someone who had been a teenage boy in America will understand.

In the movie version, there will be a scene of the lad being ragged for being afraid of seeing a naked girl. No pack of primates is crueler than teenagers when they smell prey, as the phenomenon of cyber bullying attests. The phenomenon is one reason that adolescence can be such a trial. The transgendered bathroom/locker room wars being played out in public schools are not helping.

Second, the suit proves that more people exist in the bathroom/locker room wars than trans individuals who are demanding the right to use the facilities of the gender they identify yet and not the one that biology has designated. Other people have to put up with trans people who still are anatomically one sex when they believe they are the other being naked and performing intimate functions in front of them.

The answer that trans advocates usually use is that we all have to put up with it lest we be labeled as LGBT-phobic, which is almost as bad as being a racist. If the case goes to trial, a judge and a jury will have to decide whose rights get trampled on.

Mind, while unisex, single occupancy public bathrooms, with a lock, are part of the answer, locker rooms are a different matter entirely. Changing clothes for gym class or football practice always has to be a group experience. In this case, someone is going to have to go away unhappy.