Who is #Sergey Kislyak? He's the Russian Ambassador at the Center of allegations that Team Trump has been consorting with Russian officials, and those close to the Kremlin, for political or financial gain.

#Michael Flynn was fired as the national security advisor for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conferences and the dialog he had with Kislyak, and instead insisted that he had not talked about any sanctions against Russia when indeed communication intercepts illustrated that he had in fact done so.

Attorney General #Jeff Sessions was a few weeks later made to recuse himself from all the #Russian inquiries that were being led by the Justice Department after he did not reveal that he had met with Sergey Kislyak (during the campaign), at at his Senate confirmation.

That Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband, met with Mr Kislyak in December, during the transition, is of interest to those on the Senate Committee's researching the matter.

Kushner went to the first meeting with #Kislyak to negotiate ways the Russian government and the incoming administration could improve their soured relations, according to Hope Hicks, a White House official.