St. Louis Cardinals' Starting Pitcher Adam Wainwright is on his way to a tremendous 2017 Major League Baseball pitching season. He has notched seven wins to date with only four losses. If he pitches no better/no worse throughout the remainder of the season, he will have the ability to notch the best season of his career. In addition, he has hit two home runs and has seven RBIs to boot. As far as baseball goes, all is well for Adam.

Now enter Adam, the YouTube star, Wainwright

Little did the world know that there is more to Cardinal Wainwright than balls, strikes, ERAs, and innings pitched.

As a starting pitcher, he has the luxury of time off between games pitched. The rest of the Cardinals' bench plays day in and day out. But the starting pitching staff follows a standard rotation, never playing back to back games, and rarely (if ever) playing every other day -- more likely playing every three, four, or five days. This means that Adam Wainwright has a lot of free time on his hands.

It is widely believed that starting pitchers use their days off to follow strict exercise regimens, study the batting stats and quirks of their upcoming opponents, and work with the team pitching coach. However, for anyone with any type of access to social media, we now know what Adam Wainwright does in his spare time.

Carpool Karaoke. And it's not just his singing talent that is on tap in his videos, as they include other Cardinals riding along and working on their vocal abilities at the same time.

What has baseball become?

Just a few short years ago, before YouTube, before social media, and before the internet, baseball fans were certain that their favorite players were totally devoted to hardcore baseball twenty-four seven.

Not a moment passed when St. Louis Cardinals baseball greats like Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, or Tim McCarver weren't immersed in planning and preparing for the next time that they would be wearing a glove or holding a bat.

That said, there is something beyond lovable about watching and listening to the Cardinals' Adam Wainwright sit behind a steering wheel as he sings along with his Cardinals teammates to some pretty interesting karaoke choices.

Whether belting home runs or tunes, what's not to like about knowing that your favorite heroes on the baseball field have just about as much talent as the average fan does when it comes to singing? Check out the video included below: