A teenager from Michigan won $500,000 in an instant lottery game. The teen, who wants to remain anonymous, claimed his winnings on Friday. State lottery officials say the 19-year-old man plans to invest $5,000 of the money and will give the rest of it to his parents. He stated that his parents have done so much for him and his sister that he wants to help them out because it will take some of the weight off of their shoulders.

Instant lottery ticket

The teen shared that he stopped at the Sunoco gas station in Williamston outside of Lansing, Michigan.

He said he bought the only remaining Golden Wild Time ticket that was left. Then when he scratched it off in the store, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. When people in the store got excited, he knew he was a $500,000 winner.

Michigan lottery

That particular game that the teen won was launched last August with tickets costing $10 each. Players have won more than $28.5 million in that game. There is a lot of prize money remaining for the Golden Wild Time lottery scratch-off tickets.

Lottery officials say there is more than $18.5 million in prizes still available. Even though the $500,000 was the top prize, there are other prizes left including some $10 prizes, 89 $1,000 prizes and 45 $10,000 winning tickets.

All instant games, including the Golden Wild Time, can be purchased at 11,000 retailers in the state of Michigan.

Other than the Golden Wild Time, the Michigan Lottery offers numerous scratch-off tickets and online games that give players a number of ways to win prizes. Money collected for the state lottery help support Michigan's public schools.

Games in other states

Each state has its own lottery games. So, you don't have to live in Michigan to become a winner. Some people in all states purchase scratch-off tickets and sometimes they win. It is remarkable that the Michigan teen is not selfish and is planning to give his parents most of his winnings. They must be proud of him for making that decision. If you ever won big in the lottery, would you share your prize with someone?