One of the biggest hurdles Donald Trump has been forced to overcome has been convincing people that he is knowledgeable about global political issues. While the president has had a difficult time doing so, his press secretary is attempting to make the case for him.

Spicer on Trump

One aspect of a candidate being successful at running for president is their ability to show knowledge of World Affairs and what is going on in other countries, especially in how it relates to the United States. At times during his campaign, Donald Trump struggled when it came to giving detailed responses to general questions that are expected of a presidential candidate.

However, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to weather the storm and make it to the White House. Since being sworn into office last January, Trump has clashed with various word leaders, most recently being his awkward visit with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Earlier this week, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed his concern that Trump was so supportive of last year's Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, which was a highlighted issue during the March 28 press briefing at the White House.

While taking questions from reporters, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did his best to make Donald Trump appear as if he was well versed in global issues, while claiming he was a "leader' in making the Brexit vote a success.

"I think the president is very well steeped in world affairs, especially Europe, NATO, all of the issues," Spicer said of Trump. Not stopping there, Spicer went on to give the billionaire real estate mogul questionable credit on Brexit. "He (Trump) was a leader in the effort to call Brexit, as you know," he continued, before offering the president's full support of the United Kingdom.

Moving forward

After just two months as commander in chief, Donald Trump and his team are doing all they can to twist recent controversy in their favor. Whether it's international affairs, the ongoing Russian scandal, failed health care reform, or questionable executive orders, it looks like Trump will continue to have a tough road ahead of him for the foreseeable future.