If you want something more serious, then try and grab some tickets to see the vintage play by American playwright #Arthur Millers called The Price. Mark Ruffalo is joined by some very talented theater actors in a staging at the American Airlines Theater and it's due to open on March 16.

Ruffalo is an interesting actor-activist hybrid who has earned inches of newspaper columns for his environmental message and #activism. He says that his acting and art is his activism, that his "acting teacher used to say we should pay to go to the church and the theater should be free." The play has had good reviews and comes with star power and a role played by Danny DeVito in – unbelievably – his Broadway debut.

The Miller play, not the most common of the esteemed playwright's works to be staged, explores familial obligations and money in 1960s New York City, so it is a period drama with a contemporary message that, say, the whole of the Trump family can relate to.

Ruffalo has spent a lot of time talking about the #anti-fracking movement during his interview, and was a big reason that fracking was banned in the State of New York. Theater, like politics, is a pretty cut throat sport… in New York at least.