While the reaction over President’s trump’s claims that President Obama had ordered wiretaps be placed on phones in Trump Tower campaign offices during the presidential election ranges from that of simple disbelief to that of pure outrage, best-selling novelist Stephen King is having some fun over the entire affair.

King, who has taken to Twitter to bash Trump and his policies over the past several months, isn’t showing any signs of letting up on his critical commentary of the president. But over the weekend the famed horror writer shifted from blatant criticism of Trump to instead mocking him with a series sarcastic barbs over the wiretapping claims.

King compares Trump administration to 'The Stupids'

In the first of several tweets on Saturday, King tweeted that the Trump administration reminded him of the movie “The Stupids.” The 1996 comedy was about a family by the name of Stupid, whose behavior was, well, so stupid that their last name seemed quite appropriate.

King sarcastically expands claims

But after the initial critical tweet, King dipped into his well of sardonic wit and posted more tweets, with one sarcastically expanding the claims of supposed wrongdoing by Obama.

And then, King told his 2.94 million Twitter followers how Obama himself participated in the wiretapping. And, he also implicated Michelle Obama in the scheme.

Brouhaha continues

Meanwhile, the brouhaha over the wiretapping claims continues, with Trump refusing to back down.

Taking to twitter again, he compared Obama's supposed wiretapping orders to actions during the Richard Nixon administration.

A spokesman for Obama has issued a statement denying the claims, then on Sunday, the New York Times reported that FBI Director James Comey has asked then Department of Justice to issue a separate statement refuting Trump’s accusations.

Also on Sunday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and denied there were any orders issued to wiretap Trump or his campaign during the election.